Monday 28 April 2014

A separatist disinfographic dissected.

This little (dis)infographic seems to have been doing the rounds lately. 

Hardly a shining example of separatist propaganda though. Let's have a look at those bullet points...

1) Erm... London isn't 600 miles away from Edinburgh, and of course, since 1999, we have been represented by parliaments in both those cities.

2) I may or may not get the government I vote for. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. That's democracy. Countries don't vote, people do.

3) And you'll get more than your fair share back thanks to the Barnett formula.

4) If the fact that Faslane is 30 miles from Glasgow ever became a serious problem, then it wouldn't really make much difference if it was 30 or 300 miles.

5) Health and education are devolved and have always been devolved.

6) Many other countries got "dragged into" Iraq and Afghanistan. Even Ireland.

7) Austerity is a temporary measure. Many other countries, even the "arc of prosperity", have had to do the same, if not worse, since 2008.

8) If RBS had been based in an independent Scotland in 2008, the economy would have been brought well past the point of collapse.

9) Ah, you seem to be confusing England with the 2010-2015 UK government here. Believe it or not, David Cameron hasn't always been PM, and he won't always be PM either.

Really, nats... must try harder!

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