Friday 31 January 2014

Who are Business for Scotland?

One of the more vocal anti-UK groups recently has been Business for Scotland. Perhaps more accurately called Bullshitting for Scotland, they have been quite prolific in their output of specious and disingenuous arguments and general statistics abuse. Their chief exec, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, is becoming a familiar name in the debate, but who are the rest? At least some of them are brave (or foolish) enough to have their names publicly associated with BfS in the "Member Profiles" section of their website, so I thought it might be interesting to put together a handy summary of these separatists and their businesses.

Name Company Business Location BfS Director
Adam Davidson BoConcept Furniture retail Glasgow
Alex Grant (retired) Air travel Edinburgh
Andrew Richardson TaxAssist Accountants Elgin Accountancy Elgin
Andy Lamb ECCS Group Construction services Armadale
Andy Lythgoe Lythgoe Property Consultancy Property Glasgow
Ben Rogers GFI Software IT Edinburgh
Bruce Alexander Xeroshield Insect control Midlothian
Catherine McLean (freelance) Management consultancy Edinburgh
Chris Chirnside 6 Degrees Networking Business events Edinburgh
David Dwyer Inspire Web Development IT Perth
David Morrison Broxburn Properties Property Dundee
Donald Maclean Business Cost Consultants Management consultancy Glasgow
Doug Norris Datec Technologies Electronics recycling Kilmarnock
Ekaterina Zelenkova Glasgow Translate Translation Glasgow
Eunice Olumide Enigmatic Production & Promotion PR Glasgow
Gary Sutherland EmployEasily HR Services and Glasgow Business Hub Business services Glasgow
Gerry Wallace GEM Lift Services Elevator services Glasgow
Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp Intelligise Digital marketing Glasgow *
Helen MacDonough Kennedy + Co Hairdressing Glasgow
Iain Taylor e-corporate Legal services Aberfeldy
Ian McDougall McDougall Johnstone Accountancy Glasgow *
Ivan McKee Greenfold Partners Management consultancy Leigh, Lancs *
Jamie Rae Jamie Rae Associates Management consultancy Falkirk
Jim Osborne (retired) Insurance

John Cooke Mobile Operators Association Telecoms Aberdeen
Ken Cairnduff Cairnduff Developments Property Glasgow
Ken McNeil McNeil Stevens Financial Planning Financial services Glasgow
Les Meikle Wise Property Care Property services Glasgow *
Malcolm Wadia PlySim Software Edinburgh
Mark Lister Lister McDonald Management consultancy Edinburgh
Martin Jack Think Different Events Event management Glasgow
Michelle Roger Tartan Cat and Bloom VC PR and crowdfunding Glasgow
Michelle Thomson Your Property Shop Property Stirling *
Paul Fletcher Enabling Innovation Partners Management consultancy Glasgow
Peter Syme Splash White Water Rafting and Perthshire Paintball Leisure Aberfeldy
Philip Stewart Kangaroo Print and Advertising Printing Dundee
Rachel Homes Napier University Academic Edinburgh
Ricky Nicol Commsworld Telecoms Edinburgh
Sarah Jane Walls The Residence Glasgow and Transdynamic Leisure Glasgow
Sheila McLean (freelance) Project management Glasgow
Susan Robertson Write Word International PR Glasgow
Willie Wilson Thistle Pharmacies Pharmacy Glasgow

So what conclusions can we draw from this? Certainly the preponderance of Weegies shows BfS to be a very Glasgow-centric organisation. Not many could really claim to be "captains of industry". There are also more than a smattering of PR agents and those who could be termed "management consultants" (definition: someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time, and then keeps your watch), people who are presumably quite adept at slick patter and "talking the talk". These, of course, are exactly the people you would want in a political pressure group, regardless of what variety of axe you have to grind.

Oh, and the eagle-eyed among you will notice that Ken Cairnduff is still listed as a member. Even after announcing he had become an undecided voter last September. How odd.

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