Monday, 25 November 2013

A Natural State of Affairs?

As the much-heralded SNP manifesto Scottish Government White Paper is due to be launched amid much alarums and excursions tomorrow, Union Jock thought it's time he got back in the blogging saddle and limber up a bit...

So, how about this. According to one of the SNP's Scottish Government's propaganda tracts, independence is a natural state of affairs. But what's so natural, in this internet age of the global village, about carving up (once again) an island such as ours into separate nation states, when there isn't even the usual excuse of ethnicity or religion to justify it?

To me, it seems pretty unnatural to combine a mawkish fixation with a medieval kingdom that ceased to exist more than three centuries ago, with contemporary left-wing political sentiment - especially when the latter is shared by many outside the borders of said former kingdom.

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