Wednesday 28 March 2012

The new McGlashans

When reading the fulminations of cybernats, Union Jock can't help but be reminded of McGlashan, from the brilliant early 90s Channel 4 sketch show Absolutely (incidentally, a Scottish/English/Welsh collaboration). Twenty years ago, McGlashan was an absurd caricature of a rabidly Anglophobic Scottish nationalist. Do today's cybernats think they'll be taken any more seriously?


  1. Those cyberbrits or Britnats are just the same as usual.nothing to say that the stagnating union will get better,it wont we need change as without change we will continue to stagnate.Now as you call yourself Union Jock,I presume this is because you are not really convinced of your own position.Now there is a difference between a comedy show,and reality or did you not know this either?

  2. A Scottish Parliament in 1999, and the new Scotland Bill this year - is that stagnation?

    I'm very convinced of my own position - Scottish AND British. It's possible to be both you know - you should try it :-)